Slovene Karst

40% of Slovenia’s territory is of karstic origin.

Slovene Karst

The Slovene Karst, a limestone plateau that covers only a relatively small part of Slovenia, gave the name to the so-called karst phenomena. In some areas these karst phenomena acquired forms that are of particular interest to tourists and have been thus classified in this unit.

Here you will find the famous Škocjanske jame, limestone caves listed as UNESCO World Heritage because of their extraordinary beauty; the most visited cave in Slovenia – Postojnska jama, and numerous slightly less accessible caves, the beauty of which will nevertheless compensate for all the efforts.

The intermittent Lake Cerknica is unique too: sometimes it is there and sometimes it is not, depending on when you visit. For centuries, the Lake has sparked human imagination, and it will undoubtedly not fail to impress you, too.

The Karst is also known for its interesting small villages dotted around the countryside, its fields separated from one another by stone walls. This is the land of cured ham called pršut, wine and good food. Not to forget the village of Lipica with its famous stud farm, the original home of the graceful Lipizzan horses: the Karst is a special place bound to create fond memories for a long time coming.

You should visit

  • Škocjan Caves
  • Postojna Cave
  • Predjama Castle
  • Lake Cerknica
  • Lipica

Main tourist centres: Postojna

The most popular activities in the region: caving, hiking, cycling, horse riding, fishing.

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Alpine Slovenia 10