Kulinarika naslovna


7 days / 6 nights


During your week-long GOURMET Holiday, you will visit 3 different regions (The Alps, the Karst region and the Štajerska region) and three JRE restaurants, where three great chefs are living their dreams.

JRE or “Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe” is the largest international association of young recipients of Michelin stars and comparable accolades from across Europe. Membership is available exclusively to young chefs and restaurant owners who are dedicated to the highest standards both in terms of top quality ingredients and preparation techniques. The development of their cuisine is never-ending, and each day they try to improve yesterday’s efforts. Their culinary skills combine tradition and innovation.

No only will you be exploring Slovenia during the day, but you will also receive our recommendation for certain restaurants in the vicinity that you can visit by your own. We are certain that you will delight in your Gourmet Holiday in Slovenia!

Day 1: Ljubljana Airport – Vila Podvin, Mošnje
Arrival to Ljubljana Airport. On arrival at Ljubljana airport, pick up your rental car at the Europcar office and drive to Vila Podvin. In the evening, you will be served a delicious dinner made by one of Slovenia's best chefs – Mr. Uroš Štefelin. Uroš finds challenges in discovering forgotten local ingredients, getting to know them and creating new dishes in his own, unique way. With modern techniques and creativity, he transforms traditional dishes into culinary delights of Slovene Nouvelle Cuisine. His source of inspiration stems from his own childhood when the family kitchen was full of the aromas of traditional Slovene dishes, when they prepared homemade sausages and enjoyed sweet treats such as dried must-pears. His kitchen characteristically blends a medley of flavors on one plate; different colour combinations, using fresh, local and seasonal ingredients and vegetables from the hotel's own garden. A strong emphasis is also dedicated to the presentation of the food, since we taste with our eyes as well as with our palate. During the dinner you will be invited to visit the chef in the kitchen.
Included: car rental, dinner at JRE restaurant and overnight at Vila Podvin.

Day 2: Mošnje – Bled – Bohinj – Radovljica – Mošnje
After a delicious breakfast, you can discover the nearby town of Radovljica and two lakes: Bled and Bohinj. Radovljica boasts a traditional restaurant called Lectar where you can have lunch and see how they produce gingerbread hearts. At the castle overlooking Lake Bled, you will find a nice restaurant with good food, not to mention magnificent panoramic views. There are three other exceptional restaurants in town: 1906 at Hotel Triglav with stunning views of the lake, Julijana at Hotel Toplice and Penzion Berc (reservation is recommended for all three). Going towards Bohinj, you can take a small detour and stop at the Rupa Inn in Srednja vas. They serve hearty local traditional food.
Included: car rental, breakfast and overnight at Vila Podvin.

Day 3: Mošnje – Ljubljana – Rodik
After a great breakfast, we recommend visiting the City of Ljubljana on your way to Karst. The river Ljubljanica, several bridges that connect the two sides of the city: Triple Bridge, Dragon Bridge, Butchers’ Bridge, better known as Ljubljana’s love bridge; baroque old town, Castle, street art, squares, St. Nicolas’ Cathedral, the Town Hall and the nearby Robba Fountain, Kongresni trg Square, the Ursuline Church, the Franciscan Church, the National Gallery and many interesting museums. Tivoli Park is the green heart of Ljubljana. It's the largest park in the city. There are many different types of restaurants in Ljubljana; two very good ones can be found at Ljubljana Castle, for example.

In the afternoon, you drive towards the Karst. You can visit Postojna Cave & Predjama Castle or even Škocjan Caves or the Lipica Stud Farm. There are many sights to see on the way.  In the evening, you will enjoy a great dinner at Mahorčič restaurant, located on the edge of the Karst Plateau and Brkini Hills, a region with a rich culinary tradition, the preservation of which is extremely valuable to the Mahorčič family. Ksenija is a great chef and her husband is a sommelier. The food combines venerable local traditions with contemporary techniques. During the dinner, you will also have the opportunity to visit the chef in the kitchen.
Included: car rental, breakfast, dinner at JRE restaurant and overnight at the Mahorčič restaurant.

Day 4: Rodik – Piran – Portorož – Izola – Rodik
After a delicious breakfast, we recommend visiting the Slovenian Coast and its three historic towns: Koper, Izola or charming Piran, where remnants of their past under Venetian rule can be seen everywhere. The resort town of Portorož is also worth a stop.  Needless to say, many restaurants here serve fish (see bass being the most popular species) and other seafood (crabs, lobsters, octopus, etc.). Izola in particular is famed for being home to fishermen. We are sure you will find your perfect restaurant.
Included: car rental, breakfast and overnight at the Mahorčič restaurant.

Day 5: Rodik – Celje – Maribor – Zgornja Kungota
After your breakfast, you can go on the road, since you are going to another part of Slovenia, passing Postojna, Ljubljana, Celje and Maribor. There are many things worth visiting on the way. The towns of Celje and Maribor have plenty of great historical sights, but if you are a beer lover, we recommend visiting the beer fountain in Laško. In the afternoon you will arrive at Denk House in Zgornja Kungota. Denk’s restaurant is a family tradition dating back to 1972. Today’s generation has a vision to create a special dining experience using the finest product from the local region and combining the best of the past with modern skills and techniques. Denk House (Hiša Denk) is located between the wine routes of Austrian Styria and Mariborsko Pohorje. The restaurant and rooms are a fine example of modern architecture. The chef Gregor Vračko continues building on the family’s culinary past excellence by featuring the finest product of Styria. His aim is to excite the guests with dishes based on local tradition with a 21st century twist. You will also have an opportunity to visit the chef in the kitchen.
Included: car rental, breakfast, dinner at JRE restaurant and overnight at Denk House.

Day 6: Zgornja Kungota – Murska Sobota – Veržej – Zgornja Kungota
After a rich breakfast, you will have some more free time to perhaps visit Murska Sobota, or the floating mill on the river Mura, maybe stop at a pottery, a typical craft in the region. You can even have lunch at another JRE restaurant – Rajh in Bakovci, near Murska Sobota (reservation is recommended). Overnight at Denk House.
Included: car rental, breakfast and overnight at House Denk.

Day 7: Zgornja Kungota – Airport
After a delicious breakfast, you will have some more free time to find for yourself an appropriate souvenir. For instance, pumpkin seed oil or pumpkin jam, are very nice and tasty gifts typical of this part of Slovenia. Drive to the airport.
Included: car rental, breakfast.

Price: from 640  EUR per person / package.

-       6 nights accommodation, rooms with private en-suite bathroom, breakfast and tourist tax.
-       3 dinners by JRE Chefs, 6 breakfasts by JRE Chefs, 3 visits to JRE kitchens.
-       Car rental.

-       Drinks at meals.

-      Private tour guide at Ljubljana, Bled or Maribor (2h, meeting point at the hotel) 100 EUR..
-      Extension of the stay.
-      Excursions to other Slovene attractions.
-      Transfer from other airports (Trieste, Venice, Zagreb, Klagenfurt, Vienna, etc.).
-      Entrance tickets to Ljubljana Castle, boat ride on the Ljubljanica, entrance ticket to the Bled Castle, ‘pletna’ boat   ride and admission fee to the church on Bled Island, etc.

General Conditions: the above prices are based on a minimum of 2 persons, sharing a car and a double room. All prices are in EUR per person / package. Reservations are on request. You may extend your stay – supplementary rates apply. General conditions are available at: https://www.abc-tourism.com/terms-and-conditions/

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